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Try It. Buy It. from Category5 TV is a unique product review show, providing you a genuine, unbiased view of products that are available for purchase online. Whether tuning in to see some interesting products you may be interested in, or to hear what Sasha thinks about a product you're already thinking about, you'll get much more than just an unboxing or product review—Sasha provides a much more comprehensive look at each product she reviews.

Try It

Sasha Dirmeitis picks a product and gives it a try. She'll give you an honest, unbiased impression of the product, allowing you to actually see it. More than an unboxing and more than a review, Try It lets you get a real sense for the item being reviewed.

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Like what you see on Try It. Buy It.? Sasha makes it easy to find each product we review, plus any accessories she recommends. Buy It through us and a portion of each sale goes to support the show.


Meet Our Team

  • Sasha Dirmeitis

    Host, Writer

    Robbie Ferguson

    Producer, Writer

  • Christa Wells

    Graphic Designer

  • Adam Jensen




Each episode of Try It. Buy It. features one product review. Choose the product you're interested in, and enjoy the show.


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